Can Supplier Relationship Management Happen in Public Procurement? Part 2

- December 19, 2014 9:08 AM | Categories: Supplier Relationship Management

This post is excerpted from our sister site, Public Spend Matters EU. In our article last week, we talked about Supplier Relationship Management and how it could benefit the public sector, but also the public sector procurement issues that can stand in the way of developing an effective SRM programme and strong relationships with key suppliers. Today, and despite those barriers, we will look at how public procurement practitioners can successfully use some of the principles of SRM and deliver positive results. One issue we highlighted in part 1 was the need to compete public contracts at regular intervals (which is […]

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Digging into Periscope’s Purchase of BidSync

- December 18, 2014 10:18 AM | Categories: Procurement IT Systems

Editor’s note: It was announced last week that Periscope Holdings had purchased eprocurement solution provider BidSync. And while that’s not always the type of story that catches our eye on PSF, with BidSync having made substantial in-roads into the public sector market, I thought it was worthwhile for our readers to hear Spend Matters analyst Thomas Kase’s take on the matter. To read everything he has to say, visit our sister site. Earlier today, Spend Matters PRO provided a detailed look at BuySpeed and BidSync, two providers joining forces (along with the parent company Periscope Holdings and the core investor, Parthenon […]

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