GAO Report on What Went Wrong with Spoiler Alert: Everything

- August 1, 2014 10:00 AM | Categories: Governance

There is (almost) nothing I love more than the almost maniacally even-keeled prose of a GAO report. For its report released yesterday on, GAO titled it “Contract Planning and Oversight Practices Were Ineffective Given the Challenges and Risks,” which has to be the pinnacle of damning by faint prose. If you dig into the report, or read any newspaper from the last year, you know that a lot of mistakes were made, and mismanagement was rampant.

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Positives to Be Taken from UK Procurement Report

- August 1, 2014 7:50 AM | Categories: Governance

The Annual Report and Accounts of the Crown Commercial Service was recently and quietly published here. We’ve taken a look, and in the interests of balance and fairness, we have decided to present our thoughts as a series of “positives and concerns”. And it is quite valid for any tax payer to look hard at these documents. After all, this organisation is not just costing directly some – likely to increase further as headcount increases to full complement – but it is spending or strongly influencing over £10 BILLION of taxpayer’s cash.

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