Can Government Pass “The Amazon Test?”

- October 17, 2014 11:11 AM | Categories: Governance

Chris Murphy, the editor of InformationWeek, may have just coined a phrase that will enter the IT—and IT procurement—lexicon. This is what he terms as “The Amazon Test.” Now as an IT analyst, consultant and writer, I have to take my hat off to Chris. While like many in our field, I’ve used Amazon as a basis of comparison on a whole host of subjects (for their website functionality, speed of service, depth and breadth of product lines, etc.), an intense Google search showed that Murphy has indeed coined a new term.

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Cooperative Contracting Changing the Game for Local Government Vehicle Procurement

- October 16, 2014 10:05 AM | Categories: Category Management, Governance, Operations

Anyone familiar with the procurement operations of local governments will know that the acquisition staff often occupies some of the less glamorous office space available at the agency. And many times, their offices are sited near or in  the central warehouse space for the locality, where there is not just a standing warehouse, but acres of pavement. This is where the public body stores what are likely the most costly assets that agency owns: vehicles. All of these rolling assets obviously have to be bought by the agency, and yet, there has not been enough attention devoted to this area of local […]

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