The Shape of Federal Tech Procurement Reform: A Conversation

On Friday, we published a brief response to an NPR story on the differing views of FITARA and federal tech procurement reform in general. And thanks to the passion this topic engenders, a great conversation broke out on Twitter, and included Department of Better Technology founder Clay Johnson, Professional Services Council head Stan Soloway, FCC CIO David Bray, our co-founder and Censeo Consulting Group CEO Raj Sharma and former TSA contracting officer Frank McNally. We tried to capture the conversation as best we could below:


  • Frank McNally:

    Great run down of a positive conversation about procurement reform. It is a significant challenge with multiple elements, and these exchanges help galvanize the players around the issues in which they are most interested.

    We need to impact all the curves on the circle if we really want to move the needle on improvement. There is neither a single solution nor a lone saviour, and we are stronger as a network of willing participants.

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